Upcoming Workshop at Georgetown

On June 16-17, Georgetown will be hosting a workshop on the rheology of dense particulate suspensions. Among others, my advisor Dan Blair and our soft matter colleague Emanuela Del Gado are the organizers for a workshop that I see as proof that our department is becoming more impactful in the field.

The topics covered in the workshop include non-monotonic flow curves, organization under flow, and last but not least discontinuous shear thickening. Colloquially, this workshop is being referred to as the shear thickening workshop, because of the ongoing debate on the origin of shear thickening in dense suspensions. (Shear thickening is more-or-less when something acts ‘solid-like’ when you try and deform it quickly. Think silly putty.)

The major discussion point is whether shear thickening comes from hydrodynamics or if the constituent particles get pushed together and friction plays a role. Maybe after June 17 we will have an agreement…


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