ACS Colloids meeting recap

Another great ACS Colloids meeting has come and gone. In addition to my talk being well attended and having nice questions, I saw some really great science presented.  Here were my some of my favorites (in no particular order):

Chinedum Osuji posed a very interesting problem that I had never considered. A bulk material made of complex particles can relax stress either from structural rearrangements or by dissipative modes in the particles themselves. And you can tune these two timescales to compete with each other.

Jeff Morris provided a very clear explanation of a difficult subject, stressing the importance of frictional contacts in shear thickening suspensions. Some of his results can be found here where frictional and frictionless simulations are compared. I am excited to hear more later this week when Georgetown hosts the seminar on dense colloidal suspensions. The program is now available, and it looks awesome!

John Crocker addressed the fact that power-laws are seen everywhere in the rheology of soft materials. The origin of some of these power-laws has eluded researchers, but he suggested to think about these problems in terms of the free energy landscape instead of in real space. Particularly noteworthy was his mapping of the problem onto the features of the Colorado river running through the Grand Canyon.

I’m looking forward to the 2017 ACS Colloids meeting at the City College of NY!


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