Rheology in the news: Workshop recap

Great workshop. While the topics certainly covered the friction vs hydrodynamics argument that I expected to see, I was happy to see more work on stress propagation, Wyart-Cates theory, and even shear banding. I’m a little disappointed that, despite good discussion, it didn’t appear that people were converging on an agreement for the mechanism for shear thickening. Maybe I was too optimistic.

To me, the next big problem that needs to be addressed in the field is: what does colloidal friction mean? This is certainly a loaded question, because the mechanism behind macroscopic friction isn’t so well defined. But showing that two colloids can have a frictional contact without irreversibly aggregating would answer a lot of questions.

Georgetown University wrote a little summary about the workshop, and it even includes a quote or two from me. Here is the news story.




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